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Digital Content Sharing as a Non-Profit Organization

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The client runs a non-profit organization that aims to popularize and spread knowledge about a specific philosophy or ideology, targeting a diverse audience of various age groups. They aim to engage and educate viewers, presenting a particular philosophy in an accessible manner.


  • The client’s organization needed a digital strategy that could effectively showcase its content, streamline content management, and facilitate an effective way of getting donations and partnerships. 
  • Their strategy of sharing videos and audio in several categories/languages via shared drives was not scalable and monetizable. 
  • Furthermore, the content generation and distribution process was complex and time-intensive. 
  • The client doesn’t have a content management system to ease managing and publishing information to their partners.
  • Additionally, the client wanted a CRM system to manage the process of video creation, report creation, managing their internal team/tasks, and having access control for each team login.


  • Streamline Content Creation and Distribution:  Implement a robust centralized content management system to streamline the content creation process. Integrate advanced tools for efficient management of video and audio files. Develop a seamless sharing mechanism across categories and languages for enhanced discoverability and wider audience reach.
  • Develop Monetization Strategies: Enable monetization features like in-video donation prompts, sponsorships, and subscriptions with exclusive content. Implement secure payment processing, advanced analytics, and customizable options for content creators. Optimize for mobile and emerging technologies to maximize accessibility and convenience for users.
  • Enhance User Accessibility and Engagement: The platform must be optimized for responsive design and fast loading times, catering to different devices and internet speeds. Adding engaging sections, multilingual support for inclusivity, and transparent donation processes with progress trackers. Provide real-time updates on donation goals and showcase pers to partners/sponsors.
  • Implement CRM for Efficient Operations: Design and implement a comprehensive CRM system specifically designed to handle video creation workflows. The system should be able to assign tasks, track progress, and manage deadlines seamlessly within the CRM. Additionally, integrate access controls for team members to streamline collaboration and improve operational efficiency.
  • Optimize Reporting and Analytics: Automate the generation of reports that detail video performance, viewer engagement, and donation trends. Use advanced analytics to gain insights into user preferences and tailor content accordingly. Leverage data-driven decision-making to inform content strategy and identify opportunities for platform improvements.




  • We adopted the Atomic Design Methodology, which offers a structured, systematic approach to designing and developing user interfaces. We can create scalable, maintainable, consistent applications by breaking down interfaces into smaller, reusable components. This leads to more efficient development, easier maintenance, and better user experience.
  • To ensure efficient UI development and enhanced code maintainability in the CMS system, we chose to use React.js and TypeScript. We created a robust backend that integrated with MySQL for database management using Laravel and PHP. We also implemented Firebase for advanced file management and conducted thorough testing for cross-category sharing mechanisms, language support, and user accessibility. For deployment purposes, we utilized Vercel for continuous integration.
  • To enable monetization features such as in-video donations, sponsorships, and subscriptions, we utilized React.js and integrated secure payment gateways using Laravel and Braintree. We used Firebase to monitor user interactions and collect analytics. Additionally, we ensured that the platform was mobile-responsive and compatible and implemented customizable options for content creators.
  • We implemented a Vercel deployment procedure that was fully automated and integrated with the git release branch. This method allows for continuous delivery and deployment of code changes. Additionally, we have implemented multilingual support using language libraries.
  • We developed custom modules for CRM functionalities using React.js, Laravel, and MySQL. To ensure team efficiency, we established a dashboard and access management system with role-based access controls. Additionally, we created a completely automated workflow with triggers for a transparent and seamless process. The system architecture design was built to be entirely scalable, allowing for easy feature additions.
  • The report generation process was planned meticulously and aimed at producing visualizations of data for advanced analytics, including monitoring donation trends and user behavior. It is done with the objective of facilitating the customization of content strategies based on analytics insights and enabling continuous data analysis for improving platform performance. Additionally, we incorporated user feedback into our reporting systems. The customized template module was designed for email, ensuring the emails were visually appealing and engaging.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web apps built and enhanced with modern APIs to deliver enhanced capabilities, reliability, and installability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device, all with a single codebase.


  • Complex Content Management: The platform has to be subjected to a heavy inflow of digital content, Integrating various types of media (videos, audio) across multiple categories and languages. Ensuring seamless uploading, categorization, tagging, and updating of content by multiple contributors. Developing an intuitive UI/UX for content creators to easily manage and publish content.
  • Advanced File Management: Implementing efficient storage and retrieval mechanisms, especially for large media files. Ensuring data integrity and security while managing a vast repository of multimedia content. Optimizing file delivery speed and minimizing latency for users accessing media from various locations.
  • Intuitive Interface Design: Designing an intuitive interface that caters to users with diverse technical proficiency levels involves streamlining complex processes and minimizing cognitive workload. It requires a thorough understanding of user behavior and preferences and the ability to implement advanced design principles such as information architecture, usability testing, and user feedback analysis.
  • Limited Budget and strict timelines: Working within tight budget constraints since the organization was non-profit and often relied on donations and grants. It was a challenge to balance the need for advanced features with the available resources, which required efficient use of funds.


  • We proposed developing a centralized content management system with an optimized technology stack for efficient performance. React.js with TypeScript for the front end, Laravel (PHP) for the Backend, MySQL for the database, and Firebase for efficient file management and storage. We adopted a Progressive Web App (PWA) development approach to ensure mobile compatibility.
  • We integrated Vimeo API for efficient multimedia content management and delivery. Vimeo’s features enhance engagement, simplify management, and improve performance. It ensures a seamless multimedia experience for our audience.
  • We streamlined content creation with a user-friendly workflow, customizable dashboard, and intuitive automation for review and approval. Administrators control entirely user roles and permissions to ensure access control and maintain content quality. We developed a taxonomy for content categorization and searchability, with attributes like keywords and descriptions.
  • We proposed using an agile methodology with the backlog of features required. Backlog grooming ensures each feature is broken down into user stories and tasks. Tasks that the client prioritized were assigned story points and added into two-week sprints. The target was to keep complete control over the budget and have shorter release cycles to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Selligent automation platform was customized to provide solutions for dynamic email templates, marketing automation, and customer engagement.


  • Media Library  
    • Enhanced Usability: A user-friendly interface, designed with a focus on cleanliness and intuitiveness, has been developed to enhance the video search and viewing experience for users. The interface allows for easy navigation and efficient access to videos, thereby increasing overall user satisfaction.
    • Seamless Navigation: To enhance user engagement and encourage exploration, we utilized video carousels and audience-specific sections in our intuitive menus. By tailoring the platform’s content to users’ preferences, we were able to keep them engaged and actively interacting with the platform.
    • Interactive: The platform offers video functionality that integrates questions and answers to create an interactive experience for viewers. This feature enables seamless engagement, allowing users to actively participate and contribute to the content delivery process.
    • Mobile Optimization: The UI/UX design is engineered to be responsive and adaptable to various screen sizes, primarily for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This design approach ensures a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices.
  • Partnership and Donation Module
    • Elaborate and personalized membership plans were formulated, wherein each tier had intricate financial perks and corresponding credits.
    • We developed a payment system with Braintree APIs that offers automated payment schedules and allows users to easily upgrade or downgrade their plans as needed.
    • A bespoke credit system was created with the aim of incentivizing users to purchase memberships by offering them credits that can be used to redeem both digital and physical products. The system is tiered, offering different levels of credits depending on the level of membership purchased.
  • Admin Dashboard
    • We developed a dashboard that utilizes a calendar-based interface to provide a clear and concise overview of task schedules, including information on assignees and task status. The system was designed to present information meticulously, ensuring that the admin could have a comprehensive view at the system level.
  •  Campaigns based on Day and special days
    • The admin has the ability to schedule the visibility of a video based on specific categories for certain days of the week. Additionally, they can schedule the hiding or revealing of a video for a specific period of time. 
  • Credits management.
    • The Admin interface offers a versatile credit management system that provides granular control over credit usage. The system includes advanced calculations and detailed reporting features that enable users to monitor and analyze credit usage across the platform.
  • Video & Audio Mangement
    • The video system has two levels – top and secondary. The admin manually creates the top hierarchy linked with tags, categories, and holidays. A video in the top hierarchy is prioritized in the secondary hierarchy. The administrator must provide the name, description, image, actual video, and questions and connect it to the video from the top hierarchy. Once the video is connected and the date arrives, it will be displayed on the website.


  • Ease of business Operations:A management system implementation improved process efficiency, reduced labor costs, and enabled focus on marketing. Automated campaigns minimized errors and provided better control and visibility to stakeholders. This impact was observed well before the end of 2023. The educational initiative created over 3500 video clips in English, Hebrew, French, and Russian with an annual budget of $513,000. These videos are watched in 51 countries, reaching 75 schools and diverse communities worldwide.
  • Positive organization image: The platform underwent an extensive expansion to improve its accessibility, resulting in a significant boost to the brand’s reputation. This increase in credibility led to a rise in users’ trust in the platform, making it more attractive to a broader audience. Additionally, the platform’s expansion was recognized in influential newsletters, solidifying its position as a reliable and trustworthy source in the market. In summary, the expansion was a game-changer for the brand, positively impacting both its image and market reach.
  • The surge in partners and donations: In recent months, there has been a remarkable surge in website traffic on the platform, leading to a substantial increase in conversion rates and donations. This has enabled the organization to fund various new initiatives and campaigns aimed at achieving the organization’s mission. Additionally, the community of supporters has grown significantly, with over 30,000 families now backing the cause.

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