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Defend Model

Peace of Mind for one Whole Year!
+Bonus 1 FREE Hour of Service per Month
($36 USD Value!)

Maintenance Support Defend Model Plan Details

WordPress Version Updates


Keeping your WordPress version up to date is very crucial but we advise you to take additional precautions. It reduces the risk of security issues. WordPress is an open-source which is why it is vulnerable to being hacked. WordPress community developers regularly release new versions of WordPress which fix security issues and improve features.

Site Backup & Database Backup


We take timely backups of all your files, media, plugins and theme. This way, in case the site does get hacked, your content can be recovered in minutes. Also, we will take a database backup in the incidence of rollbacks so you will always have the latest version of your data

Theme Update and plugin update


As this is very important, we will update the free and paid WordPress theme and plugins to their latest version. The most significant reason for upgrading WordPress is the security. Regardless of whether you have a simple or complex online store, for every web owner security is a must. Our main goal is always to make sure that your theme and plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Also, each update includes bug fixes to ensure the smooth running of the website.

Security Auditing & Malware Scan


We will run a complete malware scan, identifying security breaches to avert immediate attacks on the website as part of your WordPress maintenance.

Database Optimization


We periodically optimize your database along with taking backups. We do that to get rid of any unused data, images and spam comments.

Staging Site Creation

Continuously updating your site repeatedly is very essential for today's business world and the best solution we offer is to create a staging site to test any new additions, such as a change in your theme or the addition of a custom plugin.

Up-time Monitoring


We will make sure that your site is always accessible to your users and you don't have to worry about downtime. In case there is any trouble, we will be responsible for reversing it in the shortest time possible.

Website Diagnostic Reporting


We will send you a full monthly diagnostic report that clearly shows you which problems you have, what pages they're on, and where code is affected.


Per Month

Technical Support & Site Changes Have a question about a plugin? Want to change some content on your site? We can help! *One FREE Hour with Defend Model

80% of Hacked WordPress sites are not upgraded

Around 80% of all hacked WordPress sites find themselves vulnerable due to the simple fact that they have not been updated properly!

If you don’t regularly update your website, it becomes more difficult to upgrade, ultimately taking longer to bring everything to the current, tested WP version.

This oversight leaves your website vulnerable to malware, hacking and a litany of other security compromises. This is why we stress that regular updates and backups are crucial! That being said, it’s our experience that even waiting a few days to perform necessary updates can put your site at greater risk.

When a security vulnerability is discovered, often the details of the exploitable code are published on the Internet. Hackers can immediately write ‘bots’ to automatically ‘crawl’ or scour the web and exploit these vulnerabilities.

Aside from brute force hacks to obtain your login information, having outdated themes, plugins, and WordPress versions remain the number one way hackers are able to gain access to your site!

It must be noted that even deactivated themes and plugins can leave your system vulnerable. So it is best to update and also clear all outdated, irrelevant versions.

The world of technology around us is constantly changing and hackers are finding new vulnerabilities every day due to errors and bugs left in the code. You can see that it is urgent and crucial for you to keep up with all updates, and we can help you be proactive in this on a regular basis for your peace of mind and for the reliable security of your website!

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